Service Brokerage

We can provide a significant service, especially to companies and businesses that need to ship a hazardous or oversized load and finding the right carrier to transport your materials. We can also find a specialty carrier service to deliver your items safely. Furthermore, SWLI service brokerage will find the right trucking company that employs drivers who are skilled and trained in handling whatever the load may be - hazardous materials, heavy machinery, etc. - to ensure the loading and unloading of the product is done quickly and safely. Among our specialties are processing customs clearances, custom bonds and tarrif consulting.

Customs Clearance

When sending goods abroad, customs can cause delays. See what to expect when shipping internationally and how to reduce time at the border. Contact us today on how we can help you with customs clearance.

Custom Bond Services

Depending on the commodity, the value of the cargo, and the potential regulatory requirements from other countries, we can assist you with custom bond processing that complies with all laws regulating the commodity.

Tariff Consulting

Through cooperation with our customs clearance department, our tariff consultants and customs brokers form an unbeatable team to provide reliable and accurate information to expedite customs processes while reducing duty charges and optimizing efficiency.

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